Gus Black is an award winning director/photographer from Los Angeles, CA. Utilizing his exceptional spectrum of skills including art direction, editing, photography, and music videos, Gus delivers a visual harmony that is seemingly perfect from every angle. Gus began his career as a musician and songwriter before changing his focus to commercial art direction. His time as an art director afforded him the opportunity to watch and learn from other great directors on set and he took those experiences and used them to sculpt his own career as a director. Soulful and unconventional, Gus tells radiant, emotional visual stories that hit on-brand and resonate with his audience. A work junkie, devoted dad, loyal friend, and truly a free spirit, Gus is always out capturing new work and up for the next adventure.


Direct Mail
E: gus.black@mail.com


The Travelling Picture Show
E: dawn@theTPSC.com
T: (323)-769-1115

Music Video / Photography
Agency Arts
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T: (740)-661-ARTS